They want to burn the churches

They want to burn the churches

Don’t be complacent. Hatred for Christianity is not some nebulous feeling among those made uncomfortable by Christians. Just look at this site. According to Talon News, this is a legitimate site that advocates burning down churches, and says that this is growing movement.

He says (web site), “The evidence suggests that the movement is more widespread, with resentments of Christianity that may include but are not limited to racism. While President Clinton and the ADL trumpeted church burnings in America as ‘racially motivated,’ the truth was marching on: people every day are waking up to the insanity of Judeo-Christianity and are striking back at outposts of the Judeo-Christian religion.”

This is satanism at work. Yes, this guy is probably an extremist and a nut, but his comments and aims are not all that different from more “reasonable” comments made by groups like Planned Parenthood and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.