They refused an offer of Mass

They refused an offer of Mass

Doesn’t this say it all about the sit-ins by Boston-area Catholics who want their parish re-opened? They have refused an offer to have Sunday Masses because it was conditional on them ending their overnight occupation of the building and on them removin the Eucharist from the church, since the building is no longer a parish and they must have obtained it and brought it in there illicitly.

Then on Sunday, the protesters said they were at impasse. They refused a meeting with Archbishop O’Malley and complained that he had no plans to re-open the parish. Well, duh, that’s what he said from the beginning. The archdiocese’s position is that this goes on only until the final canonical appeal from the Vatican is handed down.

‘‘The archbishop wants to let the canonical process continue, and they [parishioners] want something more definite, and we’re not able to give that,” [Father Jack Ahern] said, adding that he would again take parishioners’ concerns to O’Malley.

... Ahern expressed disappointment in the outcome of last night’s meeting. ‘‘I think the archbishop has made a good-faith proposal,” he said. ‘‘I think he’s shown some flexibility. What do they lose by sitting down with the archbishop? I don’t understand that. I think they’re entrenched.”

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli