They need jobs

They need jobs

Boston priest and blogger Father Bob Carr is in a community outside of Dallas this week and sends along this note:

One of the things needed now by these transplanted people is jobs! In case you want to pass the words. Many of these people are professionals. For example teachers now transplanted need jobs. This includes Catholic School teachers. (That was a specific request by a parent of a Catholic School teacher now living in this area.) But obviously all kinds of professionals and others now need jobs.

Most of the refugees, while grateful for handouts, don’t want to live on charity and would gladly work for what they need if given a chance. On this Labor Day weekend, I hope business owners can begin to find jobs for these people. From human labor comes dignity and a sense of self-worth. It’s a darn sight better than sitting on a cot in a shelter all day.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli