They don’t “get” him

They don’t “get” him

Mark Steyn explains how liberals don’t understand Pope John Paul.

The root of the Pope’s thinking - that there are eternal truths no one can change even if one wanted to - is completely incomprehensible to the progressivist mindset. There are no absolute truths, everything’s in play, and by “consensus” all we’re really arguing is the rate of concession to the inevitable: abortion’s here to stay, gay marriage will be here any day now, in a year or two it’ll be something else - it’s all gonna happen anyway, man, so why be the last squaresville daddy-o on the block?

It’s funny to watch the media turn itself in knots trying to figure out whether John Paul was conservative or liberal. On the one hand, he was “authoritarian” on sexual morality, the role of women in the Church, and so on, but he was also “progressive” on social justice matters, opposing President Bush on the war in Iraq, and opposing the death penalty. Her just doesn’t fit into their neat little categories.

Steyn shows how Pope John Paul has always had a clear eye on the realities of the world and how they should be approached, while most progressives are caught in a fog, seeing only gray where the reality is black and white.

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  • Didn’t see this til recently, but it’s a brilliant column, as are most of Mark Steyn’s.