They can’t MoveOn

They can’t MoveOn

Brain Terminal does it again. They have mastered the art of allowing the Angry, Irrational part of the left-wing in those country to illustrate their own absurdity. In this installment, we have left-wingers attending Al Gore’s global warming speech (in NYC last week which reached a balmy 1 degree temperature) voicing their opinions, which to judge by the tenor of what’s posted all over the Net, are popular among a certain, large segment of liberals. And it’s this foaming-at-the mouth liberalism that’s brought us the formerly-nine, now-eight, soon-to-be-fewer Democrat candidates for president.

By the way, a master stroke of understatement at the end. Very well done.

[Thanks to Victor Lams for the link.]
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  • No one doubts that the weather is changing, but the political question is whether it is the action of man that is causing it. Many, many scientists say that it is all the natural cycle, not a matter of industrial pollution.

    It is the typical brainlessness of the unhumorous Left is that they don’t get the irony of Al Gore talking about global warming on the coldest day in January in history.