They can’t MoveOn

They can’t MoveOn

Brain Terminal does it again. They have mastered the art of allowing the Angry, Irrational part of the left-wing in those country to illustrate their own absurdity. In this installment, we have left-wingers attending Al Gore’s global warming speech (in NYC last week which reached a balmy 1 degree temperature) voicing their opinions, which to judge by the tenor of what’s posted all over the Net, are popular among a certain, large segment of liberals. And it’s this foaming-at-the mouth liberalism that’s brought us the formerly-nine, now-eight, soon-to-be-fewer Democrat candidates for president.

By the way, a master stroke of understatement at the end. Very well done.

[Thanks to Victor Lams for the link.]
Written by
Domenico Bettinelli