These Catholic hospitals do the right thing

These Catholic hospitals do the right thing

A Catholic hospital in Fall River, Mass., is doing the right by upholding Catholic teaching bychanging its health insurance plans so as not to support immoral relationships mandated by government. Specifically, St. Ann’s Hospital is changing all of its employee health plans to self-funded plans so that it won’t be forced to extend insurance benefits to gay lesbians who claimed to be married under Massachusetts law. In fact, the article says it applies to all hospitals that are part of the Caritas Christi Catholic Health Care System, which is part of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Predictably, gay activists don’t like people who make their own decisions based on their own principles:

Michele Granda, staff attorney for the activist group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, said that the Caritas group should still provide same-sex spouses of employees with benefits regardless of Catholic teachings. “They can make the teachings known without penalizing employeesuote>

Michele, it’s called religious freedom and the right to personal propoerty. In America, that means you can’t force your immorality on others. If gay employees of the hospitals don’t like it, there are plenty of other companies they can go work for.

  • Good for Caritas Care! As a Catholic, I’m glad to see that the Caritas folks used the federal law as written to their advantage to uphold the Church’s position. Eliminating UHC is good from a Catholic standpoint; they provide abortifacients and ‘proceedures’ to groups here in the midwest. As a broker I can’t imagine a group that size not being completely self-funded, especially since 99% of the claims are going to occur within their system anyway. Just good cost controls.