There’s an online Menino petition

There’s an online Menino petition

For those of you who said you wished you could have signed the open letter to Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley regarding the invitation of Mayor Tom Menino to be honored at a Catholic Charities dinner, and for anyone who would like to be heard on this, you can now sign and send an open letter to Menino asking him to withdraw from the event.

A few blog readers set up this page to consolidate all the information about this incident and to make it easy for Catholics to take part.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if Menino backs out of the dinner, it won’t immediately solve the root problem. There is a cultural problem at Catholic Charities that goes to heart of its identity as Catholic and while it’s important to treat the current symptom, we have to pursue this until we find a cure for the disease.

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