There is no anti-Catholicism, you stupid papists

There is no anti-Catholicism, you stupid papists

If anti-Catholic bigots are going to shoot themselves in the foot in the first paragraph of their Holy Week screeds against the Church, then I don’t know if I need to blog anymore.

Susan Jacoby writes in the Washington Post that anti-Catholicism is a phony issue being pushed by those bigoted fundamentalist papists.

The idea that anti-Catholicism is a significant force in American life today is a complete canard, perpetrated by theologically and politically right-wing Roman Catholics—a minority among the Catholic laity—and aimed at anyone who stands up to the Church’s continuing attempts to impose its values on all Americans.

Has anyone bother to explain to Jacoby what anti-Catholicism is?

Jacoby’s apparent thesis is that what we call “anti-Catholicism” is just anti-“right-wing nutjob Catholics who really believe all that 2,000-year-old teaching and the Pope and the Bible and the Catechism” and that is just peachy-keen to her. It clearly excludes the “I don’t really believe all that and look at Sister dancing in the leotard and I just remembered I have to get my birth control prescription refilled and who listens to that sexless old man in Rome anyway” Catholics.

Thanks for clearing that up, Susan.

(Thanks to Jay Anderson for the link.)

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