The word you dare not speak

The word you dare not speak

The problem with political correctness is that there is always somebody wanting to push things even further. In the UK, the word “homosexual” is now verboten. The government is dropping the word in favor of the phrase “orientation towards people of the same sex.” Typically, it just takes the convenient and replaces it with the overly complicated. Welcome to Orwell’s “newspeak.” All they did was replace the word with its definition. Henceforth, I declare we will no longer sit in “chairs,” but in “devices which support our bottoms as we sit.”

Of course, I favor using disorientation in the definition of homosexual, as in “disorientation towards people of the same sex” and regarding a homosexual’s “sexual disorientation.” Much more accurate in my opinion.

I love this part of the news article:

    The issue first arose when the minister asked for opinions on her plans to protect people who were discriminated at work because of their “homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual” nature. Gay lobby groups, trade unions and others objected to the word “homosexual” and called instead for a wider definition of “sexual orientation” that would encompass every group in society.

Great. So any reference to any sexual difference whatsoever is illegal. In that case, I want a job as a wet nurse.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli