The Wanderer on Talking about Touching

The Wanderer on Talking about Touching

The Wanderer covers Archbishop O’Malley’s recent letter to parishes mandating the spread of the Talking about Touching curriculum throughout the Archdiocese of Boston. The article includes a detailed critique by a layman in the Boston archdiocese called “Parish Principles for a Child Safety Program to Prevent Sexual Abuse.”

  • Can anyone tell me if this is being pushed as “mandatory” for Religious Education students who do not attend Parochial Schools?

    Has the treat been leveled to withhold the sacrements.  This would certainly put a family in a very undesirable position?

    My kids are home schooled, and we have the option of teaching CCD to them ourselves (but only if we do it in the rectory).

  • I haven’t been heard anything yet about it being mandatory for religious ed outside of parochial schools, but when I originally blogged about the archbishop’s letter I said at the time that it looked like they were heading that way.

  • They said that the video was edited.  How much of the video was edited?  If I had a kid and he had to watch a video about being molested, I would pull my kid out of the school and home school the kid.  Catholic schools are so bad today, the only difference between them and public schools is the uniforms and an occasional Mass.  I would also like to add that Catholic school lay teachers, while often good teachers, are not very good catechists.  I have met Catholic school teachers who use birth-control or their husbands have had a vasectomy.  I’m not kidding.  The turnover rate among teachers in Catholic schools is so high and the pay is so low that it is difficult to keep orthodox teachers because they often have to get a better paying job.  We need good teaching sisters.