The vulnerability of the Church

The vulnerability of the Church

Former Vatican ambassador Ray Flynn says that Catholics in general and Pope Benedict in particular are in danger from Islamic extremists riled up over the Pope’s Regensburg remarks. You don’t have to be a Vatican expert to know that, but it is a good reminder that as the external signs of outrage die down, the flames of anger still smolder in certain corners of the Muslim world.

Flynn also notes the vulnerability of the Church throughout the world, going out like Christ, a sheep among the wolves, relying on the protection of the Holy Spirit and abandonment to the Divine Will. If they must be martyrs, then they will.

Churches throughout the world, nuns and priests, they have no military; they have no army; they have no power. In many respects they are the instruments of peace, as Christ was. Any two-bit dictator or radical fanatic could cause them harm anytime they wanted to.

These people are instruments of peace, they don’t have protection and guards — these nuns and missionaries are doing God’s work out in the vineyards and anybody who wanted to retaliate against them or intimidate them could do so.

Remember them in your prayers.

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