The ungrateful on Memorial Day

The ungrateful on Memorial Day

While the rest of us were remembering our honored dead on Memorial Day, at Vox Nova, Nate was “grateful for my freedom, but ungrateful for the violence done to secure that freedom.”

The Irish Elk captures my thoughts on the whole blog.

Do liberation theology-reading anarcho-pacifists who quote Dorothy Day while demanding America renounce military force feel that revolutionary movements like the Sandinistas should likewise have laid down their arms?

Were Catholic priests who aided and abetted armed Marxist revolution failing in their Christian duty? Is violence bad when committed by the nursing Sandinista mother above with the AK-47? Or is violence committed by the American military somehow worse?

And if America encourages a national mythology, paraded on holidays like Memorial Day, do anarcho-pacifists rely at least as much on their own myth, of Uncle Sam as reactionary imperialist Monopoly Guy?

There was some angst a couple of years ago that the blogosphere was dominated by conservative Catholic blogs and that there wasn’t nearly as many liberal ones. Looks like they’re making up ground.

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