The typical post-Vatican II priest

The typical post-Vatican II priest

I know some may think my comments on this article to be churlish and disrespectful, but I have a point to make and so be it. The Boston Globe profiles an elderly, sickly priest who is retiring as his parish is closed by the Boston Archdiocese. To set the background, St. George Lithuanian parish in Norwood is closing. The other parishes in Norwood are very large, very lively parishes, and when I mean large, I mean very large. St. Catherine’s has three or four priests assigned to it, which is extremely unusual these days. On the other hand, St. George is small and getting smaller with fewer and fewer people who even speak Lithuanian. And Father William Wolkovich has been there for 21 years.

  • And this expectation has indeed lead to many half-empty as so many Catholics stream into evangelical churches where entertainment is the order of the day.  The Mass just can’t compete with all of that praisin and fellowship if that is what these folks are lead to believe worshiping God on Sunday is all about.

  • This is just stupid.  They’re closing his parish because of low attendance.  Did it ever dawn on him he might not be reason enough to go to church?  He’s not drawing an audience, poooor Fr. Bill.  What an egotistical nut.

  • The following are the words of another priest,  Father St. Peter Julian Eymard, He was not much of a comedian but He certainly knew why Churches were closed and how horrible it is when God abandons a people.

    “Our gentle Savior pleads with us from the host “love Me as I have loved you; abide in my love!  I came to cast the fire of love on the earth, and My most ardent desire is that it should set your hearts on fire.

    Jesus had a tabernacle in the Cenacle; today that Cenacle is a mosque. Since He had no true Adorers left, what would you have Him do there?

    Egypt and Africa were formerly the classic land of saints, inhabited by legions of holy monks; but since Jesus Christ has abandoned these two countries And since the Eucharist is no longer there, desolation reigns.  But, you may be sure that Jesus Christ was the last to leave the place.  He left when He found Himself without adorers.

    This cloud of desolation has passed over Europe.  Jesus has been driven out of His temple and profaned on His altars.  He has never re-entered these tempes.

    France has seen her faith in and love for the Eucharist deminish; and as a result, how many churches, in which Jesus Christ formally had fervent adorers, are now devoted to heresy?  When their love died out, Jesus fled and He has not returned.

    …We may be quite sure that when Jesus goes away, the scaffold, persecutions and barbarism will come back.

    Who would there be to stop these scourges? 

    O Lord, stay with us!  We will be your faithful adorers! We prefer exile, penury and death to being deprived of you!”

    I attended Mass at one of these Churches that are about to close three years ago.  They removed the kneelers and no one knelt for the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ during the consecration. 

    St. Eymard has the answer if they really want Jesus back in their lives.  If not, their churches will be turned into luxury condos or posh designer shops. because this is what they really love MATERIALISM!

    By the way, the Church is not the alcoholic mother.  She is the perfectly good mother with some very sinful children.

  • Drive past St. Bernard’s on Rte. 16 in Newton these days and you’d think there was an election coming up.  All the lawns around the church are dotted with ugly, blue-and-white campaign signs saying “Save Our Parish”. 

    Well, where there’s an election, there’s a convention.

    Friends of St. Catherine of Siena Latest Update

    The Voice of The Faithful is having a Meeting Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm at Our Lady Help of Christians to discuss Church Closings.

    All concerned parishoners and other parties are encouraged to attend this meeting.

    More info:

    Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton Corner is well known for its pro-gay marriage pastor, Fr. Walter Cuenin.