The sharks circle

The sharks circle

It comes as no surprise to anyone, but the lawyers are already circling in the Rhode Island nightclub fire tragedy. One lawyer said he got a phone call as early as Friday morning. The fire started Thursday night at 11 pm. That means calling a lawyer was the first thing on someone’s mind. Listen to this mother of a survivor:

    Anna Canillas said she is angry over what happened and already has contacted her lawyer. “He said there’s big money involved,” she said.

The lawyers already know who to go to for the big money.

    Lawyers said they’ll look for evidence of negligence by club owners, the band, its management company, the building owners and others. “I have a feeling the town of West Warwick is certainly going to come into it as a defendant,” Calvino said.

That’s right. Since the club only has a $1 million policy, that’s not much cash for 97 dead and 187 injured. So just keep expanding your defendant pool until you find somebody with the cash.

It’s sickening that these bottom-feeders treat a tragedy like a winning lottery ticket.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli