The schism continues apace

The schism continues apace

The Boston schism continues apace. The dissident group Celibacy Is The Issue, formed of priests who left the ministry to get married, but continue to engage in priestly duties in violation of canon law, says that two groups of protesters at closed parishes have contracted them to celebrate Easter Mass for them.

A group of people in Quincy, former parishioners at Star of the Sea, will have Mass at the First Church of Squantum. Nice of the Congregationalists to meddle in the affairs of other churches. And the tiny group of protesters from Sacred Heart in Natick will huddle in a tent in the park.

CITI repeats its erroneous claims that canon law gives them the right to celebrate Mass for these people, but I’ve already posted the Vatican legislation that debunks this claim. And after all, they’ve formed a dissident group; how can they claim to be following Church law in this?

I checked the Archdiocese’s web site and nothing there yet about this. When will we see these budding heresies and schisms dealt with? Oh yeah, we do everything behind closed doors these days. How exactly does that help heal the scandal caused by the actions in the first place?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli