The richest in the world?

The richest in the world?

In an article on a Filipino news site about the drain of priests from the Philippines to other countries, there is the following reference: “He added that the Boston Archdiocese, the richest Catholic archdiocese in the world, is closing down 65 parishes because of poor attendance.” The richest in the world? I seriously doubt that. In what way is it the richest? Certainly not in terms of dollars in the bank, number of Catholics, or even value of property. I would suggest that New York and Los Angeles outrank Boston in those terms, and that doesn’t even include consideration of Milan, the largest diocese in the world, or Rome.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • In my area, we have been blessed by the holy and devout and good and hard-working Filipino (and African and Jamaican, etc.) priests who have been sent to help us out.  Several of them have been an inspiration to me and my wife and my children.

  • I dunno Dom – maybe the writer was thinking in sporting terms. I mean Boston has the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Marathon and soon, the Democratic National Convention which will be another kind of marathon [insert appropriate soubriquet].

    What does NY have…? Well, er, the Mets…

    And Rome? Lazio…?

  • Now, Now.  NY has the Mets, the Yankees, the Knicks, the Jets (kinda), and their own marathon (which is more interesting than Boston’s – all 5 boroughs, doncha know). 

    And we get the biggest protest marches (excepting DC)!  Doesn’t that warm your heart? 

    Boston is definitely richest in colleges.  I will cede them that title.

  • With this development, Tagle couldnnd: GOR, and don’t forget whilst enumerating our sporting riches—if Kerry has his way, we shall have not one but TWO Pops Concerts on the Esplanade this month!


  • I have no dog in the sports fight…and hey, I live in Queens.  I =have= to like the Mets. 

    If either team takes away any of my tax money, I’ll hate them.  That’s my only sports principle.

  • Hey Dom,

    Ya should be honored to have Derek J. on your site!  It’s an honor to be on the same site with D.J.!


  • Yo D….

    How many rings is it now?  I would think that the Yanks have gotten the better of the BoSox…but I guess there is still hope.

    As a lifetime Yankee fan, I am totally honored to speak to you.  You are the best shortstop ever (and your name is a lot easier to spell).  God love the Yankees…..