The real face of VOTF

The real face of VOTF

A reader sent me a copy of the ballot for Voice of the Faithful’s elections for the national representative council from their Region XI, which includes California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

There are three candidates. The first is Jim Jenkins of Berkeley, California, the current officeholder. Jim says that his agenda includes “Church governance where all the people of God participate fully and have the determinative voice” and “Promotion of national (and international) convocation(s) - sometimes
called ‘lay synods’ - to chart the pastoral direction of the church in North America.” Note to Jim: The Church is not a democracy. I’d rather the Catholic Church in America not end up in the same splintering mess that the Episcopal Church has because we know exactly what kind of changes the people who advocate such “lay synods” and lay governance are looking for.

The next candidate is James P. Keating. James has an impressive resume including a “Catholic Father of the Year” award. Oh, and he “perform(s) civil marriages (as allowed for by the State of California) [but not the Catholic Church] for those that can’t, or don’t want to get married in the church.” You’d think that might be a disqualification for a Catholic position, but James assures us that “My good friend, Bishop Frank Quinn, says this is a growing number!”

James is also an honorary member of NOVA, an association of married priests and, he so helpfully tells us, “kissed the Blarney stone.” Indeed.

Our final candidate is perhaps the most impressive. He is a Hugh ORegan, “a former Roman Catholic priest (Benedictine)” who is also an active member of Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco. Click the link to see why that is significant, if you don’t recall.

And that’s Voice of the Faithful in a nutshell. They claim to be “centrist”, if such a thing is even possible for a Catholic, but every prominent player in the organization seems to come from the heterodox side of the balance sheet.

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Domenico Bettinelli