The problem with Mac software promotional bundles

The problem with Mac software promotional bundles

The problem with so many of these Mac software bundles, like MacUpdate Promo is I either own the apps already, I have competitors’ software that do the same things, or I don’t care about the functionality the apps provide (don’t do eBay auctions, for example). Most often there are one or two applications I might be interested in but the $50 price tag for the whole bundle isn’t worth it for the one or two I want.

On the other hand, these bundles are great for new Mac users, especially people who are switching to the Mac and who could use inexpensive versions of software they used to use on Windows (without having to boot into Windows to use them on the Mac via virtualization or Boot Camp). Path Finder and Drag Thing are great utilities that make using the Mac’s basic functions better, whileYep sounds like a great document organizer, and those are just two of the 14 apps you get in the MacUpdate bundle.

Don’t get me wrong: I love these bundles when they come around and scrutinize them every time, but I’m starting to see the same names over and over in them and/or a lack of truly innovative titles. And that just makes me disappointed in the bundles that are out there today.

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  • I’ve bought three of these bundles and they are great for new Mac users.  But it certainly becomes diminishing returns over time and over the last year nothing has been worth it.

    I do love PathFinder but that was one of my first purchases after I got a Mac.

    Now if they had a bundle that included TextMate or BBEdit…

  • A MacHeist bundle a few years ago was how I got TextMate. Don’t hold your breath for BBEdit. The head guy at BBEdit was on MacBreak Weekly some time ago complaining about how these bundles are bad deal for developers.