The power of blogs stops hospital/cathedral condom charity

The power of blogs stops hospital/cathedral condom charity

Once again we see that blogs can and do accomplish something besides generated heat and light in comment boxes. Last week, I posted the news that a a Catholic hospital in Toronto and the local Catholic cathedral were cooperating in a fundraiser to benefit an organization that distributes condoms as part of its AIDS prevention programs in direct contradiction of Church teaching.

Now we receive word that the fundraiser has been cancelled and the ties to the organization have been cut. Like I said at the time, the intent to save people from AIDS is noble, but you don’t accomplish a good end using evil means. You may save them from a mortal disease, but you endanger their immortal souls. Besides, the Ugandan example shows that a program that emphasizes abstinence is much more effective.

If only we could get the Canadian bishops’ own social justice agency to recognize that.