The offensive pro-lifer

The offensive pro-lifer

“Maine Catholic” Chris gives his perspective on something I’ve seen mentioned in news reports. Some guy in his town (I think it’s Bangor, Maine) is mad about a pro-abortion politician being allowed to take part in some event in this parish (not even the guy’s own parish) and now this pro-lifer has spent the last year displaying very graphic photos in front of the church as a form of protest against the Diocese!

Chris makes some good points about the need for any type of pro-life or other Catholic display to be done in all charity and humility without rancor or ill will. I’m not saying that graphic photos on placards are wrong, but that their use must be contemplated in light of who will see them.

This is the type of thing I like best about blogging: Sometimes you get the personal perspective behind the news stories, something you almost never get.

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Domenico Bettinelli