Don’t be JFK

Don’t be JFK

  • Perhaps I should clarified that those of us who are intelligent Catholic and conservative voters have to put up with them. We’re outnumbered by the vast numbers of sheep who are led to the polls by their Democrat shepherds.

  • Jeanne, get a sense of humor. What does the fact that God is not a Democrat or Republican have to do with this? If you’re a Democrat, then just lump it.

    And if you think John Kerry or Ted Kennedy have prevented one job from being lost anywhere, then you’re sadly deluded. Why should I be nice to the guys who ensure that millions of babies have died in the womb?

  • Don’t bother sending me the pictures. I’m not making you look at this one.

    Post whatever you want on your own blog.

    And Bush didn’t step in to the South Dakota mess because he’s president of the United States, not of South Dakota. That’s a matter for the politicians in South Dakota to deal with. Unlike liberals, conservatives don’t believe in the federal government meddling in the affairs of states.