The NCR story on Deal Hudson

The NCR story on Deal Hudson

Here is the National Enquirer’s ... oops, I mean National Catholic Reporter’s hit piece on Deal Hudson. Among other things, it details the alleged sexual misconduct incident at Fordham, back in the early 80s. Here’s my take on it.

By getting into politics Deal opened himself up to this kind of probing personal attack. That said, it is still unwarranted and ill-conceived. Deal isn’t running for any political office, he is not a candidate nor is he a public servant or even a bishop or priest. He is a private citizen and I think that rummaging around in his past for whatever dirt you can find is pretty low. How exactly does an old allegation of sexual sin, that was apparently settled to the satisfaction of all parties, have any bearing on Deal today? Let’s set aside, for a moment, the fact that we have only one side of the story. The allegation is pretty damning and it occurs not before his conversion, but after and while he was on his third marriage and had become a prominent Catholic intellectual. Still, the details sound pretty fantastic: body shots? French-kissing multiple co-eds in a public place? I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I have a hard time believing without corroborating witnesses or any evidence.

Update: See below.