The long-delayed apostolic visitation

The long-delayed apostolic visitation

Who’s more fixated on sex and homosexuality? The Church or liberals and reporters? You might think the latter based on the hyperventilating going on over the apostolic visitation of US seminaries.

Nearly all of the articles I’ve seen have characterized it as a witch hunt for gays, but while it makes good headlines and ledes, it’s not accurate. More precisely, the visitation is looking to ensure that seminaries are actually training men in an environment of fidelity to the Church’s teachings. And since there has been a flurry of reports that seminaries have not only been turning a blind eye to homosexuality, but even promoting it in some cases, and the John Jay report shows us that the vast majority of sex abuse over the 50 years has been homosexual in nature (adult male to adolescent male and older), then you’d think it would make sense to address the issue.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli