The link between Wicca and abortion

The link between Wicca and abortion

This article examines the links between Wicca (witchcraft as a religion) and the abortion industry and radical abortion activists. The author finds a significant link with the witches right here in Salem. I will add to this that the local witches are actively trying to raise funds to build a Wiccan temple here, something which would be an abomination.

The article also mentions the peculiar strain of Wicca that worship the ancient pagan goddess Diana. Sound familiar? Perhaps the term “Dianic Wiccan priestess” will jog your memory. That’s right, a woman connected to the group that wrote “Talking about Touching” that is being used in Boston’s parochial schools and religious ed programs described herself as a Dianic Wiccan priestess. What are we associating ourselves with?

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Domenico Bettinelli
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  • Very much like Israel durning the time of Elijah.

    We’ve been doing an old Testament Bible Study which surrounds Ba’al and Ashera worship by the Israelites.  It all started when the King of Israel, AHAB, married JEZABEL.  Everyone sacrificed their first born to Ba’al and Ashera, the god and goddess of fertility.  They believed that this brought health, wealth, rain, and a good harvest.

    Elijah put on quite a show on Mount Carmel, but their conversion was short lived. They all went back to Ba’al worship (Which included the king and queen having sex in public, followed by orgies).

    What was there reward for this:


    Aren’t many, many, abortions simply a new form of Ba’al worship:

    We cannot afford the child. 
    It will interrupt our schooling. 
    We are too young. 
    We are too old. 
    We don’t have time. 
    We’d rather have that new car.  etc, etc, etc…

    It truly is mostly economic, and for convenience sake..

    It’s time to start tearing down the idols, and fighting back.  When the Assyrians destroyed the tribes of Israel, they tortured and killed the innocent along with the decadent..

    Only the Kingdom of Judah was spared.. King Hezekiak smashed all the idols, and turned the people back to God.

    Time to read 2 Chronicals, and pray for guidance…

    This is indeed WAR!