The link between Talking about Touching and prostitution

The link between Talking about Touching and prostitution

WorldNetDaily has an article on “Talking about Touching” that adds more information to my article on the same program. Mary Jo Anderson shows why the links between the Committee for Children, which created the curriculum, and pro-gay, pro-prostitution groups should make you nervous. Basically, these people set out to make homosexual sex and, in fact, any sexual activity, commonplace and well accepted starting at the earliest ages. Is it any coincidence that there are news stories of oral sex between seventh graders on school buses?

And since the public schools are already saturated with explicit sex education programs, the last bastions are private schools, especially Catholic ones. And TaT isn’t limited to schools; it’s coming to a religious education class near you. Some dioceses are even requiring that children go through the program in order to receive the sacraments, even if they’re home-schooled. There’s no safe place. Now more than ever parents must stand up for their rights and refuse to let their children be abused this way.

How could bishops allow this? Most often they don’t know. Dioceses are scrambling to satisfy the demands of the Dallas Charter and have a program in place before their audit by Kathleen McChesney’s child abuse prevention office, so CFC approaches liberal middle managers in the diocese with the program, and—presto!—here you go, with no theological review or any checking whatsoever.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • We’ve “opted out” our first grader.  Our other four are either older than the program, or too young.

    In first grade in our parish, 15 of 60 kids opted out.

    It is obvious that those who know anything about the program are out.

    The dilemna becomes what do we do??

    Are we Jezebels if we call our fellow parents and expose them to the truth?

    Do we contribute to this abuse of children iF we stand silent?

    A woman in our parish isn’t quiet, and got blasted from the pulpit.  See her latest letter to the editor at [url=][/url]  Go to Wednesday (oct 1) click on opinion, and then select TAT.

  • I hate to say it, Joe, but your kids live in the same community as these other kids. Even if they don’t take classes with them, they will be affected by it. We can’t sit by and do nothing while the innocence of children in our parish families is stripped away. Even if it means taking slings and arrows. (Trust me, I’ve taken plenty of them over this.)