The liberals say I might not be a bigot or hater

The liberals say I might not be a bigot or hater

The Boston Globe “ombudsperson” responds to criticism of the newspaper’s biased-in-favor coverage of the Mass SJC’s ruling on same-sex marriage. She reminds the newspaper’s editors and reporters that not everyone who’s opposed is a Neanderthal or gay-basher.

It’s not just bigots or haters who are unsettled by the decision. Some portion of the 38 percent who oppose civil same-sex marriage do so out of a sincere belief that the institution is at risk. One need not agree with them to think that their views need to be reflected, probed, and understood as part of the essential coverage of this historic shift.

News stories have duly noted the opposition of the Catholic church, and the political fallout. But beyond such institutional responses lie the personal stories of genuine unease at the center of this issue. Those voices need to be heard, whether in column, interview, or profile form.

Gee, thanks for throwing us that bone.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli