The latest on Pius XII

The latest on Pius XII

The war of words over Pope Pius XII continues. The latest salvo includes an Italian report that the German general in charge in Rome refused to obey Hitler’s order to take the Pope captive. As the Allies advanced on Rome, Hitler ordered the Pope to be arrested because he feared Pius would get in the way of his plans for global dominaton and because he wanted to replace Christianity with Nazism as a religion.

The report comes out after an earlier report, now being discredited by historians, that the Pope approved a post-war plan to refuse to return Jewish children who had been sheltered in Catholic institutions.

Meanwhile, Mary Jo Anderson, in a somewhay rambling article, discusses not just the latest charges, but the whole case of accusations against Pius XII. It’s a good summary of the whole defense of the Pope.

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  • This was a reasonable, calm and knowledgable response to an hysterical, calculated attack. She said one thing though, that I didn’t understand. She referenced one million non-Jewish victims of the camps. Actually, the number is five million and is well documented, albeit ignored.