The last acceptable prejudice

The last acceptable prejudice

As pointed out by commenter Deacon Mike in a post below, this editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a rare naked display of anti-Catholicism in action.

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis said that America’s hedonistic culture is partly to blame for the Scandal, which is an indisputable fact. It may not be the only factor or the most important one, but it’s still a part. But the newspaper sniffs at the suggestion and trots out its anti-Catholic bias, saying outright that Catholicism is not compatible with being American:

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  • Dom:
    The first article called “Hedonistic Culture is factor in Church’s Problems”, said this:  Archbishop Raymond Burke blamed society’s “hedonistic culture” as the most significant cause of sexual abuse within the church …This was Saturday, I believe.  (There were never ANY direct quotes cited to support this claim as I posted here)

    Today we have a regurgitation of the same unreferenced sources and citations being proposed as fact…Again disputed here)

    The Post has been systematically printing distorted ‘truths’ regarding the Archbishop even before he arrived here.  Dr Arthur Hippler of the Diocese of LaCrosse was one of the first to “confront” them about their distortions.