The Jesuits: Spitting in Mary’s eye again

The Jesuits: Spitting in Mary’s eye again

As the editor of a Catholic magazine, it may be in bad taste to criticize the editors of another Catholic magazine, but what the heck. Diogenes shows us an ad that appeared in the latest issue of America, published by the Jesuits. There’s a photo of the ad at that link, but it shows a statue of Mary covered with a condom. It is called “Extra Virgin” and is being offered for sale by the British so-called “artist” for $300 per copy. He includes his email address.

Diogenes notes that if Ignatius of Loyola were alive today, the headquarters of America would be a smoking crater on 56th Street in New York right now. If you doubt that, read the anecdote he relates about how Ignatius almost killed a Moor for daring to express the belief that the Blessed Mother was a virgin until the birth of Christ, but not after. Such was how sensitive to insult of the Mother of Lord was Ignatius. Any further doubts as to how he would react to this?

Whoever’s in charge of the Jesuits today, it’s certainly not St. Ignatius. Nor anyone in his mold.

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Domenico Bettinelli