The iRosary

iRosary Is the world ready for the iRosary?

iRosary uses the advantages of the iPod to make the rosary more attractive and flexible for younger believers. At the same time, however, it reciprocally uses the significance of both objects as practical commodities on the one side and symbolic signs on the other and only changes the objects to a minimum extent.

The most important distinguishing feature of the iPod, the white earphones cable, becomes a string of beads on which only one bead is now found. This bead can be shifted. The position of the bead can be measured and heard as audio beads on a sensitive range of the cable. Due to technical possibilities, the new rosary can help a person to learn the prayer; the right mysteries are inserted automatically and there are various modes for choosing the degree of difficulty.

This only a concept, not a product, and the designer says that the “technical possibilities” for helping a newbie learn the rosary could include the iPod choosing the right mysteries for the day based on the date, having the iPod play the prayers in spoken word for the pray-er to repeat them.