The global warming claim is built on a lie

The global warming claim is built on a lie

Orson Scott Card tells us about a scientific hoax scandal that affects one of the biggest stories in the media right now, yet no one has heard about it. A famous study released by a UN-funded researcher is the basis of all kinds of claims that global warming is increasing so fast in our time that the shape of the temperature rise on a chart is that of a hockey stick.

Except it’s all allegedly a lie knowingly perpetrated by the researcher to advance an ideology rather than the truth.

The Hockey Stick Hoax should be a scandal as big as the discovery of the Piltdown Man Hoax. Bigger, really, since so much more is at stake.

But because the media are dominated by True Believers, they are doing everything they can to maintain the hoax, to keep the public from learning the truth.

What were those bad numbers Mann plugged in to get his fake results? Modern bristlecone pine tree-ring data in which recent tree rings showed the widths that would normally mean unusually warm weather.

However, these trees were located near temperature recording stations that showed lower than usual temperatures. So instead of being a sign of warmer temperatures, the tree rings are actually responding to the increased CO2 levels.

Even the heading on this bristlecone pine study clearly stated that the wider tree rings did not indicate higher temperatures. But Mann plugged them in as if they did, producing the one dataset that showed “warmer weather” (i.e., wider tree rings) in recent years, allowing the defective software to produce its hockey-stick result.

The bristlecone pine study was real science. Mann’s use of it was deliberately fraudulent.

Ice Ages and Warm Periods

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