The faith-based bogeyman

The faith-based bogeyman

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This has to be one of the most inane story ledes I’ve seen in a while:

LAKARTINYA, Kenya—The herders of this remote mountain village know little about America, but have learned from those who run a US-funded aid program about the American God.

A Christian God.

Since when is God an American God? I would daresay that there have been Christians in Kenya a lot longer than there have been Christians on the American continent. The article itself is the first of a four-part investigation into the Bush administration’s supposed funneling of foreign aid funds to faith-based organizations and blurring the line of separation between Church and state.

Here’s the problem as liberals see it: If the US government gives money to religious groups, those groups will also be able to spread the Gospel message. Regardless of whether the people receiving the aid actually want the message (they’re usually already religious people), the liberals think it’s a problem for them to be receiving anything other than a completely secular handout.

Charity is a faith-based impulse

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