The expanding mandate of the commission on gay youths

The expanding mandate of the commission on gay youths

In Massachusetts, where a father has been arrested for protesting the indoctrination of his grade-school child in the “normalcy” of homosexuality despite his wishes otherwise, it is especially chilling when one reads the following remark made by a member of the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, a government-funded agency originally established to provide for self-identified gay and lesbian kids.

“We need to concern ourselves with younger kids, even if they haven’t developed a sense of gender identity.”

If there’s one thing all taxpayer-funded agencies are susceptible is mission creep, especially if their mandate involves social re-engineering.

Read the whole report by Mass Resistance about the public meeting of the commission on March 19, including a report on how State Police were on hand to watch the public present; how a known homosexual activist was being told by a commission member to photograph certain individuals in the audience deemed opponents of the commission’s agenda; how a commission member proposed that the attorney general be asked to investigate watchdog groups that document youth events sanctioned by the commission that include sexually explicit imagery masked as concern for “GLBT children’s safety”.

The “slippery slope” analogy is often derided as an over-used figment of imagination, but in some cases it’s real. First it was “gay rights”, then gay “marriage”, then gay youth commissions. Can broad-based mandatory involuntary indoctrination for all children in the state be far behind?

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  • Holy s**t!
    This is unbelievable and outrageous.
    Dom- flee!  Come to Texas!  Say, along with one of our forefathers, “The rest of you may go to Hell.  As for me, I will go to Texas.

  • This is a sickening and utterly chilling account of a form of tyrannical control that demeans our humanity, undermines our democracy, and smears our Judeo-Christian traditions.  Homosexual activism and zealotry like these noted here have moved into a near facist mode, whereby they pose a danger to our very liberties and our families.  Those who support this form of despotism are guilty of treason to everything that we hold dear as men and women, as parents, and as inheritors of our great and holy Judeo-Christian foundations.

    I fear these internal dangers much more than I do that of jihadists.

  • Dear Supper Singer:

    Oh, yes.  Texas, where the Governor issued an executive order for all young girls to receive the HPV vaccination.  That would be my choice.

    For all that is wrong with MA (and there is a lot), the government still pretty much leaves you alone.  This is because the wacko’s who flock here don’t want to be tread on, either.

    Oh, except if you submit your children to the child abuse known as the public (read government) school systems.  If you take governments money, you live by the governments rules.

    P.S.  Nice veiled expletive.

  • “mission creep”  – what an apt term.  One of the reasons we homeschool.  (especially since mission creep so easily segues into creepy mission)

  • My coworker, John, was sharing with us this morning that in Canada, folks who identity themselves as gay are purposefully getting jobs in Catholic schools (who receive gov’t funding) to make an impact on the agenda.

    Not a fun thought. At all.

  • Mr. White Bread & Butter:

    I found the exact quote:  “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas” (Davy Crockett)

    It was given during a night of drinking after Crockett lost a race for a congressional seat by 252 votes to a man with a wooden leg:  “Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”  They set off the next day.

    Read more at in the on-line Texas handbook:

  • Joe Insouciance: sounds about right.  And Dom, having married a proud and pure daughter of Texas, should do the same thing as old Davy.

  • Ugh! I just don’t understand how people cannot see what is going on. Don’t people see how the GLBT are trying to control people’s thoughts, forcing people to accept homosexual behavior as normal. I wonder if too many baptized Catholics in MA have given up on their faith and care more about materialism, caring about laws that affect their wallet instead of their own salvation. The Mass Resistance report sounds like the Gestapo keeping records of dissidents.

    I saw a news clip not to long ago on, I believe, the same topic. A parent in Lexington, MA was protesting that his son who is going to a Lexington public school was being indoctrinated with the gay agenda. So on the news, a teacher or principal from the same school saying something like “it is our job as teachers to teach the kids about morality.” Excuse me?!?! No, your job is to teach my kid math, English, science, etc. and not how homosexuality is normal and acceptable.

    Liberals preach about freedom and rights as if they were sacred, that is, until you speak out against what they believe. Then they want to take your rights away.

  • Can it be that the answer to my question on Cardinal O’Malley’s blog right after the Court case of the Parkers and Withlins was decided by Judge Mark Wolf, has been answered? I asked about what was being done to help the Catholic parents in Lexington who have to send their children to the Lexington public schools. In this week’s Lexington Minuteman news(, “Brickbats and Bouquets” section, there is a notice from Alyssa Bogdanow,Lexington High School class of 2007, that on Apr.12 at 7:30 p.m.,Respecting Differences and a group of interfaith clergy will be hosting a panel on “God,Gays and Faith” at Hancock Church. Ms. Bogdanow states that the Lexington “Respecting Differences” “committee’s mission is to raise awareness about people with different sexual orientations and to work with the schools and community to ensure a safe environment for these folks.”
    Would anyone care to guess who the representative of the Catholic Church will be at this meeting? It will be none other than Fr. Walter Cuenin who had been honored for all he has done for Gay Pride last year at the Boston Pride Interfaith service at the Old South Church before the Gay Pride March and Celebration(“Catholic priest to preach at Boston Pride Interfaith Service” by Laura Kiritsy,Bay Windows issue 2/2/06); and he also had appeared before the Mass. State Legislature in 2002 to protest the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage(“Three priests oppose ban on gay marriage”,Boston Globe,4/11/02/pp..B1 & B10)
    The question to ask is: Does Fr. Cuenin have Cardinal O’Malley’s approval to represent the position of the Catholic Church at this meeting which has “representatives from most of the faith communities” as is stated in the announcement of this interfaith event? Why is Fr, Cuenin allowed to do this? Is there no faithful Catholic priest who can honestly represent the beliefs of the Catholic Church?

  • Without having any inside knowledge, I can almost certainly assure you that Cuenin is doing this on his own without the cardinal’s knowledge or approval and the reason he is the Catholic representative is because the organizers know he is a reliable lapdog on this issue and sought him out specifically.

    Again, I don’t have any specific evidence, but I’m morally certain of the essential truth of my supposition.

  • Dear Mr. Without Any Wife:

    I, too, have married a proud daughter of TX. 

    I remember when gay marriage was approved, I took a national accounts job based in Dallas.  The week before I started, they pulled the bait and switch on me and told me I’d be handling accts in the upper Midwest, and continuing to work out of Massachusetts.

    Some would say it is the work of the devil. I think Almighty God hasn’t abandoned this outpost known as Massachusetts, THE BIRTHPLACE OF FREEDOM.  He is keeping some of his warriors in place to maintain a toe-hold or beach-head if you will (take that you Notre Dame pacifists!).

    So, here I am, three years later, still waging war against tyranny and hedonism.  I’m still trying to cut it here, with or without a knife.

    Remember, if all Christians would live as Christians we wouldn’t have this problem.  We need to convert these people.

    Question for you TEXANS: 60% of Texas school children think my wife’s hometown is in New Mexico.  Where is she from?

  • Dom,  I am absolutely poisitive that Cardinal O’Malley knew that Fr. Walter Cuenin was going to be the featured speaker and recipient of the honors for working for the Gay Pride agenda last year. He knew it at least a week before the event. He definitely knew that Fr. Cuenin publicly addressed the Mass. State Legislature to oppose the Marriage Amendment in 2002. He has been fully informed regarding all that Fr. Cuenin has been doing to advance same-sex sex and same-sex marriage. Fr. Cuenin is a priest in the Boston Archdiocese. He is bound to obedience to the Cardinal. Will the Cardinal act to stop him from helping the GLBT indoctrination of even kindergarten children as is done through the pilot program curriculum: Making Room In The Circle: The Massachusetts LGBT Early Childhood Initiative Curriculum in Lexington? Does Cardinal O’Malley have the right to order Fr. Cuenin to refuse to work for the LGBT agenda?  I rest my case!

  • Dom,
    I’ve written my request on Cardinal O’Malley’s blog site that Cardinal O’Malley stop Fr. Cuenin from representing the Catholic faith at the Lexington interfaith panel discussion on the LGBT agenda on Apr. 12. Hopefully he will address this grave deception!
    Catholic families do not deserve to be treated this way.

  • What’s making me CRAZY here in Rhode Island is that despite all that is happening in MA, gay activists continue to insist that their marriage “rights” will have no effect on anyone else. We’re all bigoted, paranoid, homophobic, hate-filled, UNChristian, nuts , we who would suggest an agenda afoot, we who worry for our children and for the future of humanity.  What we are is less blind and deaf and dumb than we were two years ago, but if you were to believe our newspaper, you’d think the RI majority is completely and obviously glad of what has happened in our neighboring state.
    I yell and no one hears me. I write and no one acknowledges. At least when I pray I know that I’m heard. God is listening.
    I don’t understand why the whole country isn’t up in arms about Massachusetts and the betrayal of its families! If you “give a mouse a cookie” he’ll eat your children next?

  • Think about all the teens who are ‘late bloomers’ and don’t date. My husband and I both experienced this as teenagers. He had more self esteem then me. The only way you can prove you are not gay by your peers is to be sexually active. I wish there was a study regarding on set of sexual activity and the promoting of the homoseuxal lifestyle through these commissions.

    Even when I stopped hanging around guys and focus on a bit more modestly, which I didn’t see it as that at the time, people were questioning if I went bi. Even adults do it to teenagers, ‘what you don’t date’ ‘what you don’t like girls’ ‘I think the jones son is gay, he interested in everything but girls’ and so on…

    Joanne, I agree. You can state the rational basis for matrimony all you want, it doesn’t matter. While we are investing in our families, lobbies use our political processes for their who desires to vilify parents who do their job.