The evils of smoking

The evils of smoking

The Archdiocese of Detroit has issued its rules of conduct policy for pastoral counselors, spiritual directors and volunteers.

Among the directives:

* Never engage in sexual intimacies with the persons they counsel. This includes consensual and nonconsensual conduct, forced physical conduct, inappropriate sexual remarks.

* Volunteers must not smoke or use tobacco products in presence of children or youths, nor possess or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while volunteering.

First, it’s good to know that it’s only “inappropriate” sexual remarks that are forbidden. I make only “appropriate” ones. (I guess they mean that speaking on sexual abstinence is okay, but the wording is a little odd.)

Second, it’s nice to know that we’ve raised smoking to the same level of evil as raping children. God forbid that anyone should partake of the “evil weed” (and I’m not referring to pot.) Really, with everything else that’s going on, is it really all that important that Father not smoke his pipe where someone may see him? What’s next, forbidding alcohol? That may require some changes in liturgy and doctrine.

  • so I read today that hobby stores are having to put certain Car models behind the counter, like they were porno mags. Why? Because it is a NASCAR model that has a tobacco or Beer company as a sponsor, and now only adults are allowed to buy these models. And that apparently is a FEDERAL law.  Nannies everywhere.

  • They never talk about homosexuals in the priesthood (most of the victims were male teenagers).  But if a pastor puts on his smoking jacket, pours a glass of bourbon and smokes a Macanudo on his front porch, and a kid walking down the street sees him smoking, can he be suspended?  Imagine what Rome would say about that.  The priest would be back on the job in no time.

    My diocese wanted us to sign a similar code of conduct last year which included smoking, etc.  It was even worded in such a way that married volunteers would be in violantion of the code if they had relations with their spouse.  This year, the code is much better and doesn’t include smoking. 

  • I work at a parish. I keep a low profile when I go out for a cig. The school is right next door.

    But as far as mandatory directives, I like the one from the Bishop in Oregon much better. Teach Catholic doctrine or resign.