The EU against the Church

The EU against the Church

Here are more reasons why the European Union is a bad idea:It has told Spain to stop giving the Catholic Church a tax exemption. The EU has gone from being a way to prevent war and band together economically to being a vehicle by which liberal social engineers remake Europe into a secular humanist playground, complete with gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion on demand, and a fettered Catholic Church.

Spain’s concordat with the Vatican, a treaty that the Holy See makes with most nations on how the Church’s exact rights within that country, specifically exempts the Church from being charged sales taxes. In fact, I believe it’s the EU value-added tax that the EU is upset about.

Frankly, I think that the agreements by which some European countries fund the operations of the Catholic Church are a bad idea. Getting entangled, and reliant, on government funding is a bad idea. Taxpayer funding is like crack. It’s way too addictive and the eventual price you way isn’t worth the temporary “high.”

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli