The enemies of the Church wait in the shadows

The enemies of the Church wait in the shadows

The Jesuits, as a whole, are not merely a religious order full of men who dissent from Church teaching, but is full of men who hated Pope John Paul. Dos that sound like an overly harsh assessment? It comes from none other than a Jesuit priest who has been a member of the order for 28 years, who is one of the few who are not Wojtyla haters.

Fr. Paul Mankowski gives evidence, not only of hatred for the late Pontiff, but of inaction by Jesuit superiors against those who publicly denigrated him.

Diogenes has cited a remark made by a Jesuit on the day of the attempt on the Pope’s life in May 1981. Fr. Cyril Barrett, S.J. (“in a bellow that filled a London restaurant”), said of the failed assassin Mehmet Ali Agca, “The only thing wrong with that bloody Turk was that he couldn’t shoot straight!” Note that this is not the language of passionate disagreement, this is hatred, pure and simple. But the key point is not Barrett’s malice, nor even his Sindormant. We must remain vigilant against those who are biding their time, hoping that the next Pope will be more amenable to their poisons.