The election, county by county

The election, county by county

USA Today gives us the red/blue map in county by county form for both 2000 and 2004. (The 2004 map is a little incomplete because some counties have not fully reported.)

It’s a little easier to see the differences and similarities between Bush/Kerry and Bush/Gore in the following flipbook animation.


  • It looks as though some of Kerry’s big-state wins (California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvana) could hardly be taken for granted. But for the big urban centers there, he would have lost them too.

  • Same goes for Wisconsin, David. Of the 72 counties in the state 45 went for Bush. Unfortunately two of the biggest -Milwaukee and Dane (where Madison is) went for Kerry.

    Otherwise it would have been a landslide for Bush here. Ah well, maybe next time…

  • Interesting map (dittos on the “well done”).  I’m curious to see the final data.  The cancer appears to be shrinking in the Southeast and Rust Belt, but gobbling up the remains of New England and making some inroads in the Mountain states.