Hannity’s crazy theology

Hannity’s crazy theology

Mary Jo Anderson writes at WorldNetDaily that Sean Hannity is driving her crazy. Hannity is the syndicated talk-radio and TV talk show host who pegs himself as a conservative Catholic (and mostly is), but whose lack of understanding of some of the Church’s teachings lead some Catholic fans to cringe when he opines about them.

The latest issue that drives Anderson crazy is Hannity’s defense of Sen Rick Santorum’s comments on homosexuality. His defense is right on with both the legal arguments and the moral arguments. But then he’s goes off the rails when discussing the Church’s teachings on homosexuality

But, here it comes. Santorum is Catholic. Hannity is Catholic. Hannity thinks he understands where Sen. Santorum finds his distinction between homosexuality (a condition) and homosexual activity. Hannity correctly points out that the Catholic Church makes that same distinction, a “hate the sin but love the sinner” distinction. And Sean holds ’t even have eight rounds any more. And Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round and a couple of years later he was Super Bowl MVP.

For my money, the more important barometer of a team’s success this season is what they do in the free agent market. Who do they keep? Who do they lure from another team? Most of veterans are quantifiable factors. We know what they can do or at least what they’re capable of on the pro level. If you’ll remember, the Pats won the Super Bowl a few years ago with one of the oldest rosters in the league, many of the players cast offs from other teams signed to one and two year contracts.

So, I say welcome to the newly drafted Patriots. I hope you’re as good as they say, but I’ll reserve judgment until the 2004 season.