The director responds

The director responds

Speaking of the “Frontline” documentary on a Scandal case in Boston called “Hand of God,” the director responded to David Alexander’s review in the blog’s comments. After threatening physical violence upon David for suggesting that the film makes the parents of filmmaker Jo Cultera look ignorant because they maintain their faith, he goes on to discuss those whose response to sex abuse is either to continue on with their faith or abandon it.

Hand of God is not about choosing sides in this issue. It is about finding faith in family when institutional faith fails you. I love, respect and admire my parents and I think that is extremely clear by the warmth in my film. They and my sister go to church. My brother and I do not. The making of this film allowed us to explain ourselves to each other. We respect each other’s opinions. Many of the biggest supporters of this film are faithful Catholics like my parents. I love them by the bunch. I do not share their approach to faith anymore, but I believe faith is an individual choice that should not impose on other people’s choices. I do not stand in protest of any faith or free thought. I stand in defiance of hierarchal members of an institutional religion that have committed criminal acts, yet continue on as if they are some sort of moral authority.

I would contend that this is an untenable stance, but I did not watch the film and don’t fell qualified to address whatever he says in it.

Rejecting the holy

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