The Democratic Party at prayer

The Democratic Party at prayer

If you go to the web site of the House Democrats’ Democratic Faith Working Group from last July, and page down a bit you’ll find this story: “Pelosi, House Democrats meet with Bishop William Skylstad, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Bishop of Spokane” and the following text: “On Thursday, Leader Pelosi and FWG Chairman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) along with ... [various other pro-abortion Democrat congressmen] ... met with Bishop Skylstad in an hour and fifteen minute discussion on issues of common concern.”

What are the odds that those “issues of common concern” included abortion, euthanasia, or other Party of Evil policy positions that have taken the lives of nearly 50 million Americans since 1973? Don’t bother to calculate them:

Bishop Skylstad shared the USCCB’s legislative agenda including lifting people out of poverty, raising the minimum wage, protecting MEDICAID, better housing, education and a call for G8 to address debt relief and human rights in Africa and around the globe.

The Members and Bishop Skylstad engaged in a candid and honest discussion around the issues of human rights, peace initiatives and creating a better world for all of God’s children.

Here’s one way to “create a better world for all of God’s children”: Stop killing them in the womb!

N.B. I love the photo op with the pro-aborts. You can almost picture Skylstad’s thoughts: “Hmm, I hope pro-lifers don’t get hold of this photo.”

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