The Decline and Fall of Christian Europe

The Decline and Fall of Christian Europe

The fertility rate of Europe has dropped below replacement level, with Italy leading the pack, and at such speed that it is unsustainable. In order to provide enough people to do all the necessary work to support the country, European countries will have to open their borders to immigration of peoples from different cultures and religions. In other words, could what happened to North Africa in the last-half of the first millennium happen to Europe in the beginning of the third? Will Europe become a wasteland of titular sees without visible Christians and become another part of the vast Muslim world?

The irony is that the problem is worst in predominantly Catholic countries like Italy, Spain, and France. The selfishness evident in people’s attitudes rgarding children is shocking. Of course, it’s not that different here. The US fertility isn’t as low only because there are so many recent immigrants still having big families. At my brother’s 20th high school reunion he was recognized as the graduate with the largest family of five kids, and there weren’t many people even close. A generation or two ago, five kids would be a medium-sized family and it would be easy to find families of eight or ten kids.

I guess people are stingy with more than just their monetary wealth; they’re stingy with their love.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli