The day is coming

The day is coming

The big day is coming soon. In just two days my son will be here! Well, he’s here now, but he hasn’t been born yet. You know what I mean.

Anyway, after two unexpected c-sections following hours and hours of labor, the doctors have decreed to Melanie that she must have a scheduled c-section. thus this Thursday at about 10:30 am she will be under the knife and giving birth to Benedict Joseph. Of course, I will be there and will blog, tweet, Facebook, and Flickr the blessed event as it happens or near enough as the OR nurses will allow.

This will be the first time for us at our new Catholic hospital, Caritas Norwood. Salem Hospital was a wonderful place to have a baby. The nurses were, for the most part, great and the facility was excellent. I haven’t been to Norwood yet, but Melanie says that so far everything has seemed good. Plus, free wifi, you know. How far we’ve come in 3 short years.

Melanie’s mom flew into town last night to stay with us for a few weeks as Melanie recovers. Our pastor is coming by the house tonight to give Melanie anointing of the sick and to talk about the baptism. The new bassinet arrived today, the old one having long ago been returned during a mandatory recall and traded for a toddler bed. This new bassinet is much better in any case because it folds up like a play yard and required very little assembly. Everything is falling into place.

It’s very strange to have a scheduled birth now. Last time, I was on my way to work, about 20 minutes from home when I got the call to return. With Isabella, I was still working from home, but I was in the middle of ordering spices from Penzeys when her water broke. I distinctly remember telling her that I was almost done buying spices and would be right with her.

So this birth at an appointed time is a new experience. It’s almost anti-climactic. Almost.

I’m still very excited though and I’m counting down the days. I’m also nervous, not just for Melanie and Benedict, but also for Isabella and Sophia, wondering how they’ll deal with this upheaval and Mommy’s absence. I’m sure it will all work out, but I can’t help but think about it. It’s my nature to study contingencies and plan for them.

Anyway, be sure to subscribe to my Twitter or friend me on Facebook or subscribe to my Flickr for the updates as they happen. Oh, and please be sure to pray for all of us. Thanks!