The Cote debacle

The Cote debacle

It’s article like this that make me wonder how a bishop like this retains his office. The Manchester Union-Leader reports the details of the assignment of Fr. Jeffrey Cote to a parish last year. Cote, it was learned, had a 5 to 6 year sexual relationship with a boy in the mid-80s starting when the boy was 16. Cote initiated the relationship and paid him. There are also allegations of frequent drug and underage alcohol use.

Fast forward to last June when Bishop McCormack of New Hampshire assigns Cote to a new parish and the parish explodes with outrage when the people learn of the relationship and find out that the bishop failed to them about it.

    Last year, McCormack said he didnssengers of the Gospel? If they are so wrong on something so fundamental and basic, what about the difficult questions? It’s this kind of moral blindness that so troubles me about the Scandal and the reaction to it by the bishops. Where is their own moral outrage at this sickeness in the heart of the Church?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli