The coming of the “King” (no, the other one)

The coming of the “King” (no, the other one)

It’s finally here!

Now I have to wait until at least Friday night to watch it. ๐Ÿ™

  • Mine’s on the way…. can’t wait….  Yeah, I’m a geek too, I guess. 50 extra minutes? What’s that now, in the 4-hour range? Better make sure we have plenty of popcorn handy…. and cushions…. lotsa cushions….

  • Yes, 50 extra minutes. Which I enjoyed tremendously last night. I can see why he made the cuts, but I prefer the extended version now of course. Many of the scenes are expanded, but the new material is at the beginning of the scene, so they also seem like totally new scenes.

  • tkozal-am i crazy or are some of the scenes really new?  I’m not sure it’s just that there were scenes deleted, but those deletions impacted the scenes so that they ARE different from the one we saw in the theatre.  (hope i didn’t spoil anything…)

  • I also noticed fundamentally different music at times. It really is a different work.

    There are also more examples of that very catholic thing of forgiveness and least being offered.. (Grima)

    Sorry, I made a spoiler!