The Church’s religious liberty curtailed

The Church’s religious liberty curtailed

The dean of Boston College Law School argued in yesterday’s Boston Globe that the state put Catholic Charities out of the adoption business, a position I have also argued. All the media handwringing puts the blame on the Church, when it was the state’s ridiculous law and failure to respect religious freedom that resulted in this.

In essence he argues that the religious liberty of the Catholic Church was curtailed by this law, and he says it is irrelevant whether the liberal establishment believes the Church is right to refuse to allow gays to adopt.

The issue is not whether the Church or the state has the better of the debate over gay families. When freedom is at stake, the issue is never whether the claimant is right. Freedom of the press protects publication of pornography, blasphemy, and personal attacks. Freedom of religion is above all else a protection for ways of life that society views with skepticism or distaste.

I don’t think he goes far enough. He says the Church should have received an exemption. I think the law itself should be challenged in court as unconstitutional.

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Domenico Bettinelli