The “causes” are sitting in those hotel meeting room chairs

The “causes” are sitting in those hotel meeting room chairs

Another piece of news out of the US bishops meeting in Baltimore is that they voted unanimously to spend more of our money on Scandal research.

The U.S. bishops voted unanimously November 13 to release $335,000 of the one million dollars they earmarked last year for research on the causes and context of sexual abuse by clergy. The money will underwrite the first three segments of the research, which is being undertaken by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

If they were really interested in the cause of the clergy sex-abuse scandal, I could save them the money and stand up in the room and point my finger at them. I suppose I might need to spend $10 on a Sharpie and a white board so I could also write “...and those bishops who also sat among you over the past 50 years.” And I might take another 30 seconds to write, “Turning a blind eye toward sexual deviance and homosexuality among your priests.”

And after all that, we’d still have enough money left over to all go out and get beers and Maryland blue crabs at the Inner Harbor. Ah, but nobody asks me.

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Domenico Bettinelli