The bishop is not “formed in Vatican II spirituality”; Is that a bad thing?

The bishop is not “formed in Vatican II spirituality”; Is that a bad thing?

Speaking of Voice of the Faithful, a reader sends me the following missive from the New Jersey VOTF group. It looks like a pastor recently retired from St. Joseph Parish in Mendham and the local VOTF-types don’t like his replacement at all.

Overnight, with no consultation with the people of the parish, he was replaced by Fr. Joseph Anginoli, You might say he is not a good fit for this community. His style of leadership is not in keeping with a parish formed in Vatican II spirituality. He began his stay there by dismissing the Advisory Board, and canceling programs (a retreat that they had planned for over a year, VOTF meeting, and other outreach programs for the poor which were a tradition there). He made it quite clear that he was the boss and people had to either accept it or leave.

By “formed in Vatican II spirituality”, they evidently mean that the parishioners are in charge, the priest serves at their pleasure, and he is only to preach on things that make them happy, not mean awful, oppressive Church doctrine.

Now the bishop apparently is coming to the parish to plead for money. Several of the dispersed parishioners have heard of his coming and wish to attend his mass and demonstrate their objection to this. He would not answer their letters and pleas for assistance with regard to their objections to the new pastor and his tactics. Registered letters were returned unopened. Regular letters were unanswered. Letters to the Papal Nuncio were likewise ignored.

Wow, with such open and welcoming attitudes, such docility toward the faith, it’s a wonder their letters weren’t returned. Here’s how I imagine one of them began: “Dear mitered bully, Stop imposing your patriarchal and repressive doctrines on me and my fellow womyn [sic]...” I’m curious how they know he’s coming to “plead for money.” Even in the worst cases, bishops usually leave the dirty work of asking for money to pastors. Is he visiting every parish asking for money?

Mass as an excuse to protest

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