That’s good news

That’s good news

The rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch by Navy SEALS and Army Rangers (or Delta perhaps?) is indeed good news. It raises from interesting points. I believe that two of the 19 missing soldiers from the 507th Maintenance Company that Lynch was part of were women, and now it appears that both of them were taken prisoner. Why did we only see the other 5 POWs on the tape? Where was Lynch? So there were 6 POWs from the company (at least), and 5 dead. That leaves 7 unaccounted for still. Are they among the dead bodies found in that hospital? If not, where could they be?

Also, I find it interesting that she was being held in a hospital in Nasiriyah that was also rumored to be the headquarters of Chemical Ali, the general in charge of the defense of southern Iraq. That means we still don’t control the whole city. How much of southern Iraq do we really control?

Perhaps it will be the job of the 4th ID and follow-on forces to pacify those areas.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli