That might get some results

That might get some results

I saw this headline—“Archbishop charged with beating a former bishop”—and thought for a moment that a bishop finally took my advice to call his brothers to account for letting perverts run rampant in the priesthood and for turning a blind eye to all kinds of immorality and heresy in their dioceses. Alas, it’s not what I thought it was.

Two men, including a founder and archbishop of the Springfield-based International Communion of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church, have pleaded not guilty in the beating of a former bishop of the church.

Just another one of those weird Protestant splinter churches where they hand out ecclesiastical titles like cheese samples at the supermarket. Too bad.

A few knocked heads might turn things around in the Church.

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    It’s not uncommon in Black churches for the senior pastor of an independent church to bear the title of bishop. Of course, no one is claiming apostolic succession. And I think this usage is compatible with scripture but not with sacred tradition.

    And then you have Catholic-style sects with some kind of claim to Holy Orders inhabited by kooks who like to play at being priests.