Texas travelogue: Mandola’s Market

Texas travelogue: Mandola’s Market

My mother-in-law took Melanie and me and Isabella and my sister-in-law out to lunch today to a great Sicilian deli, restaurant, and market here in Austin called Mandola’s Market. There was fresh mozzarella and ricotta and homemade salumis and sausage and pasta and sauce as well as breads and gelati and olives and then all the groceries. They also had their own house brand of olive oil and wine.

While the great old family delis in Boston and New York may be more traditional, Mandola’s has many of the benefits of those old-time delis with the amenities and thoughtful touches of new places. Melanie was especially impressed that the ladies room had a real changing table with complimentary wipes and baby powder. That’s a nice little touch.

Overall, a very impressive Sicilian grocery/restaurant/deli in the heart of Texas.

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  • Dom, did you know that Mandola’s Market is run by the sme Damian Mandola of Carrabba’s Restaurants?  they’ve got great food.